Community Guidelines

Settlyt is a place for friends to interact, compete, communicate, and have fun! Being apart of the Settlyt community requires you to be respectful and responsible with your interactions. We are a community of peers and in that same vein we ask that you think before you post. This is not a place for harmful or malignant content or conversation.

We understand and respect that everyone’s opinion of what is or is not appropriate is different. We ask that if you find something to be inappropriate for Settlyt that you flag and report it immediately. We do our best to monitor and weed out potentially inappropriate content, but we’d love your help. When you flag something, our team will review it within 24 hours to see if it conflicts with the Settlyt guidelines, policies, and terms of use. When we find content that is inappropriate it will immediately be removed from the platform. In some cases, users who created such content will be suspended or removed entirely from Settlyt.

Quick list of things that are not allowed in the Settlyt community:

  1. Anything Illegal

  2. Dangerous of Harmful content

  3. Graphic Violence

  4. Hateful Content, Harassment, Threats, or Cyberbullying

  5. Impersonation/Fake Accounts

  6. Sexually explicit content

  7. Copyrighted content

  8. Private content or information


Long list that provides a little more information on each of the bullet points listed above

  1. Anything Illegal: A good basic rule of thumb is, if it’s illegal it doesn’t belong on Settlyt. Settlyt takes illegal behavior very seriously and maintains the right to contact the proper authorities and/or agencies should illegal behavior be identified on the Settlyt platform. If you see something that you believe is illegal occurring on the Settlyt platform, please flag and report it immediately.

  2. Dangerous of Harmful content: We don’t want people to get hurt. This is a place for fun and cultivating more meaningful connections with friends. Friends don’t hurt one another. We don’t encourage it, and neither should you!

  3. Graphic Violence: If you wouldn’t show it to your mom then keep it off Settlyt. Please don’t post videos that include or encourage any sort of violence. In addition, any photo or video content should be relevant to your interactions.

  4. Hateful Content, Harassment, Threats, or Cyberbullying: Settlyt is a place for friendly competition. We recognize that in the spirit of competition things can get sometimes get contentious but please keep it civil. Settlyt is not a place where harmful content or words, harassment, threats, or cyberbullying are permitted. If we find that you are engaging in this type of behavior your account will be suspended and potentially removed. Friendly jeering and trash talk are encouraged but don’t cross the line.

  5. Impersonation: Be yourself, don’t be someone else. No fake accounts or creating accounts to impersonate other people will be tolerated. They will be removed immediately.

  6. Sexually explicit content: There is no possible situation or reason for any sexually explicit content to be on Settlyt. Please keep it to yourself.

  7. Copyrighted content: You may not post things to Settlyt that have been taken directly from the internet or other sources without the creator’s explicit permission. This includes photos, videos, and language. Anything found to be in violation of this will be immediately removed.

  8. Private content or information: Don’t share other people’s personal information without their permission and don’t post it in a social way. This includes names, contact information, photos, or anything else that is personal in nature to someone other than yourself.


When to use flags

We recognize that inappropriate content can be relative. What is believed to be inappropriate by some, may not be perceived as inappropriate by all. If you genuinely think something is inappropriate or that it does not belong on the Settlyt platform, PLEASE FLAG IT. It is important that you do not abuse the flag feature. We take time to review every piece of content that is flagged. Please don’t flag people as a prank or joke.