Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need my contacts?

We need access to your contacts in order to figure out who your friends are! Your contact list is the only way we have to connect you. We do not use your contact list for anything else and do not reach out to your contacts. If you wish to invite someone from you contact list we will send them a SMS text message for you but only to the specific people in your contact list that you select. Any data you give to Settlyt is stored on our private servers in the cloud, to learn more you can review our privacy policy on our website.

How do you create a competition?

Creating competitions on Settlyt is a super easy 3 step process. Start by clicking on the Settlyt “S” shaped logo in center of your navigation bar.


  1. Pick a person- Your friends who are on Settlyt will have an “S” next to their name. Otherwise you can invite someone directly from your contacts.
  2. Decide What’s on the line- we have multiple options to choose from OR you can create your own
  3. Enter a Description

That’s it! We’ll send them an invite and you’ll see it displayed in your Personal Home Feed.

What happens when I create a competition with someone who isn’t on Settlyt?

If you choose to select a person from your contacts who is NOT on Settlyt we will send that person a txt message invitation, alerting them that you are challenging them to a competition!

When the person you invited signs up for Settlyt, using that same phone number, they will automatically see the invite for that competition!

How is the winner decided?

On Settlyt, either user can select if they won or lost. If a user selects that they won, then the other user will NEED TO CONFIRM before that win is finalized. Settlyt is a place for friends. In most competitions you know if you won or lost so just own up to it!

What if we disagree?

If you disagree about who won you can always agree to cancel by hitting the garbage can icon in the top right of the competition screen. Both parties must agree to a cancellation as well. If you find yourself continually in disagreements…you might want to find other people to play with!

What can you put on the line?

You can put anything you want on the line! We provide some of the most common monetary and non-monetary options as well as a full list of other funny options that you can see by clicking on “More Ideas” from the “what’s on the line?” screen. As always, be safe and make sure whatever you decide adheres to our community guidelines.

Do you transact real money?

No, at this point Settlyt does not transact any money or handle any payments.

Do I need to link my bank account or credit card?

Nope, since t this point Settlyt doesn’t transact any money or handle any payments there’s no need to add any payment methods 😉

Why should I allow notifications?

Enabling notifications is CRUCIAL to the Settlyt experience. We use notifications to alert you when changes have been made to competitions you’re involved in! It’s important to respond to other users in a timely manner and notifications help us alert you when an action is required.

Does everything go to the social feed?

Nope! When you create a new competition, you can set the privacy level. Only Public competitions are sent to the Social Feed. Currently, only the user who creates the competition is able to set the privacy level. Once a competition has been accepted you cannot update your privacy preference.

What does the accolade under my profile mean?

The accolade under your profile is directly tied to the number of wins you have on Settlyt. Your accolade will update as you get more wins. If you click on the accolade, you’ll be able to see the number of wins required in order to level up to the next tier as well as a description of what your accolade means.

What does “Processing” mean after I create a competition?

After you create a new competition you might see that it is “Processing,” this means that we have not yet sent an invite to the other user. The invite is only sent once the status updates to “Invite Pending.” The time it takes to process new competitions may vary but normally takes less than 1min.

What new features are coming soon?

We’re always working on new features and creating a best-in-class user experience. Currently we’re working on creating a Counter Offer feature! We’re always on the look-out for new features ideas from our users, if you’ve got one that you’d like to see please reach using the Contact Us form on our website.